What’s on my plate? – Squids and Kingfish

My husband asked “What do you want as Valentine’s Day gift?”  I thought for a while and said I have one and only one wish – I want “Bondaas”(squid). He sighed in exasperation because he thought I am into one of my Drama moods(not his fault – he thought I […]

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If it scares you, try it

This was my speech for the Storytelling manual – Project 2 (Let’s get personal) The roads were narrow, thick trees on the sides, faint sunlight that you could see between the trees, as we drove under the canopy of trees into dark turns, I sat holding the car seat tightly […]

Christmas Eve

Hello, Heads Up- This post is just another random rambling, because it has been a very long time since I wrote something, and rambling is one of the easiest way to get back on track rather than writing about anything serious and plus this is going to be a very […]

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Kishkindha-kshetra – Hampi Day 3 3

I want to live here. I want to take transfer to the nearest branch and move to this  magnificent city. It is the third and last day of our explorations at Hampi, for now. We have to visit a couple of spots before heading to our next destination. I thought […]

Pampa Kshetra(Hampi) – Day2 13

    We got up hurriedly in the morning, eager to explore Hampi.  We went to Mango Tree restaurant for breakfast. It is a treat of restaurant, with great interiors and continental dishes. Italian,Thai,Iran,Mexicani etc were some to mention.  Being a suburbs type of area it was avoided by Indian […]