About Me

Hi, I’m Sthuthi.

prof picWelcome to my personal website.

You are here, mainly because you wanted to know a bit more about me. So let’s dive in. I created this blog for 2 main reasons:

First – I am not very chatty, I prefer to be quiet. If I am in a group, you will hardly hear my voice . Surprisingly though, when it comes to writing the words just flow out. I realized this when I started journal-ling and how I would end up writing pages in detail about the happenings of the day. Some of it was an interesting story which I would love to share with others and blogging seemed to be a perfectly good platform for me to do so.

Second – Back in 2014 having a website in my name was a dream so I simply went ahead and got this domain registered.Then I got married to Saurabh, and I started traveling with. So in this blog along with my random ramblings you will also find some great travel stories under the tag – Travel Odysseys



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