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Hello !!! This is one of my favorite books by my Guru Robin Sharma 🙂

The fable begins with Blake Davis introducing himself to the readers and his fantastically dull work at the bookstore, until he met a wildly eccentric – looking man. This man Tommy was a friend of Blake’s father and has been working for the same bookstore company for past 50 years. Tommy introduces him to LWT philosophy –  “Lead Without Title”


All Tommy wanted from Blake was to give him a single day to expose him to whatever Blake needed to know. And then on the decided day Tommy takes Blake on an incredible journey to meet four awesome teachers all of them having regular jobs – housekeeper, ski instructor, gardener, and massage therapist, yet they possess vast knowledge about LWT philosophy and they were living an incredibly wonderful life. At the end of the day Blake has a whole new perspective and a fresh start to make at the bookstore, to Lead Without a Title.

This book inspires you how to become a leader and achieve success irrespective of your position or your job at workplace. It truly is a modern fable on real success in business and life. You could be a sweeper, a flower seller or multi-million business owner by profession, you can create huge impact on the world around you.

If you want to find true value in your work and make wonders grab a copy of this book and start reading right away 🙂 and of course don’t forget to leave a comment below . I would love to know your work and If you are willing to read the book or not

Have a fabulous week

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One thought on “BOOK REVIEW – The leader who had no title – Robin Sharma

  • Moona Liza

    When you go to your limits, your limits will expand

    I am not a big fan of self-help books , specially one advertising by success in 7 days or 24 hours. No one can just succeed in 7 days by reading one book but this book was different. This self-help book captured my attention with a TLWHNT, every one claim for title, measure their success with the position they reached and this book taught me it’s not the position which matters, its the satisfaction which matter. This doesn’t give you any short cut rule for success (there isn’t any) but it will tell you how can you train yourself for the competitive world around you.
    Book has limitless inspirational quotes and motivating thoughts. If I say some books have bought changes in me then I am sure this is one among them.