Harappa – The curse of the blood river – Review

I ordered this book for 3 main reasons

Harappa – It always fascinated me even in school day to learn more about it. The title triggered the interest

• Harappa and the Indus valley civilization is one of the earliest and best civilizations – How could it be a curse of the Blood River??? – The tagline Curse of the Blood river made this book a have to read one

Vineet Bajpai – I have read one of his previous book “Built from Scratch”. It’s a non-fiction about setting up business and being and entrepreneur. I loved the book. To read a fiction of the same author seemed to be quite interesting.The book cover also is quite attractive.

This book takes you through three places and two time zones. Delhi and Paris in the year 2017and Harappa in 1700 BC. It took me a little time and patience to grasp the story, when the storyline jumped between places and times. After a couple of chapters the picture is clearer you are able to connect it all together. I sat to read the book on a Sunday afternoon to get to the end of the mystery. Fight, revenge, Tantric , exorcism, Saptarishi, Hindu culture, Devtas are the words that keep popping up n the book. While it is a work of fiction, the story make you feel it all could have happened. However it doesn’t end.

The pages do come to an end and the words “To be continued…” flashes.

It turned out to be quite a disappointment for me because, it wasn’t aware that a sequel was available , I was so deeply engrossed in unravelling the mystery behind how Banaras and Harappa are connected to Rome.

Only a part of the mystery gets solved in the book of how Banaras and Harappa are connected.
But the sequel is now available, so the wait is almost over.

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