I am Backkkkkkkkk – August Goal Dump


I am back to blogging. After being on a complete hiatus for about two months on social media and almost a year to blogging, I am backkkkk. 🙂

I am feeling extremely positive about the month of August. A lot of things have changed for me over the past few months which is just too much to put here in one post. (Details will be revealed slowly and steadily)

I am back with a new series of posts called as Goal Dump – ( I love coming up with new blog series – hahahaha) . I would be posting this on the first week of every month with a list of goals I have listed out for the month; and at the goal dump of next month – I would review and we shall see how far I have got.

The main intention is to just keep myself motivated to get the long pending goals completed and to do something productive and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

So lets get started:

1) Read a book and finish it:

I have put this goal in one of my many new year resolutions, monthly goals weekly goals and what not. For some reason, since the past two years I have never been able to finish a book. Maybe I get bored!!! Its easy to get started with reading but I have never finished. If you have observed my bio in Instagram – you would notice that the names of currently reading books keep changing but I have not completed any of them.

So this month Read and Finish a book.

With this, I get to reveal that I got a Kindle Paper-white as a gift last month from Saurabh. After experimenting with free eBooks I finally bought a book on recommendation by a friend.

So I am currently reading :                                                                  And I am reading with my new Kindle Paperwhite.


Kindle is amazing , it gives the feel of reading an actual book a lot lighter  and the back-light makes it so easier to cuddle up in your fav spot and read. I highly recommend for all book lovers. Also I bought it with the starter pack. You can check out the features of the Kindle and buy it Here:

2) Post regularly:

Well, I want to be more active with my blogging. Uploading a blog post regularly is more beneficial to me than anyone else in the world. Apart from the obvious increase in blog content and engagement It provides me a way to improve my writing skills. So more blog posts it is.
I also have found a cheat code for this. It isn’t something new but I am going to implement it. The cheat code will be revealed later, when it is successful for me.

3) Drink a lot of Beet Juice:

Okay, now Saurabh is going to smirk and say “Beetroot Sadd rahe hai fridge mey” (Beetroots are rotting in the fridge). As per my health conditions, I need to UP my hemoglobin levels and Beets are highly recommended. So drinking a lot of beet smoothies are on my goals for this month. Lets put a number on that. I heard putting number on goals is helpful in achieving them. So, I am going to drink 5 beet smoothies this month.


Its a small goal list to start with.
Lets rewind:


  • Read 1 book
  • Write 4 blog posts.
  • Drink 5 Beetroot Smoothies.



Hoorayy!!! For an awesome August ahead.


Do you believe in writing down your goals??
If yes! let me know your goals for this month


Did you enjoy this post??? Let me know through your comments below.




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