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Have you ever heard of the saying “Do your best and GOD will do the rest?” Well, I have heard it, over and over again. I even remember, back in my school days, deciding to study as much as possible and leaving the possibility of an easy question paper in GOD’s hands.

Not quite sure If I know what the quote meant back then, but now , I do.

And I am pleased to share it with you. Here are 3 IMPORTANT yet simple strategies I use to achieve success


Strategy No. 1

Give 101% attention on your work and DO your best. Perform excellently. Live in the moment no matter what you do.

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Strategy No.2

Be persistent and keep doing your work excellently. Never give up. EVER. Persistence is the key.

Strategy No.3

Forget about success and money. The more you worry and concentrate on them the lesser you focus on your work and the you end up working less excellently.

Here’s how I applied these strategies on my blog:

I FOCUS on creating excellent content for my blog. I am PERSISTENT enough to compulsorily publish a post every week. And I will do so for the unforeseeable future, even though I hardly get any comments and likes for it , hence I have FORGOTTEN about success 😀

In a nutshell , focus on your work , do your work excellently and with persistence, success and money will eventually come to you.

It is important to note that these strategies are not all that requires to achieve success. There is no particular path to success. However, these three strategies are essential, stress free and proven to be very effective.

Last but not the least leave a comment below and let me know which strategies you employ to achieve success 🙂

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