Hopelessly in Love <3 3

On a regular evening when we decided to meet at a local mall food court, I didn’t think I would end up spending, that night , hours scribbling on my Journal.

Well, What happened you ask?


Or maybe cupid shot another arrow and I fell in love with him again.

The food court was quite empty, except for a few guys who took the liberty of occupying the chairs to watch cricket match. And im? He was enjoying his favorite “aloo paratha” with onions (North Indians and their love affair with onions is another blog post) and India Vs England match I just sat there staring at him

watching him eat,

watching his expressions with the “ah’s” at every missed wicket.

watching him look at me when he realized I was staring

watching him turn back to the TV screen

all the time letting my favorite ice cream melt. That wasn’t surprising, But along with the ice cream, my heart was melting too.

and Just like that, I realized I was falling for him, Again!!!

While you may be smirking reading this post and declaring to yourself that I am CrAZY.

I realized I am “Hopelessly in love” <3

PS: I googled later to find out that India was playing against England.

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