Christmas Eve

Hello, Heads Up- This post is just another random rambling, because it has been a very long time since I wrote something, and rambling is one of the easiest way to get back on track rather than writing about anything serious and plus this is going to be a very […]

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Kishkindha-kshetra – Hampi Day 3

I want to live here. I want to take transfer to the nearest branch and move to this  magnificent city. It is the third and last day of our explorations at Hampi, for now. We have to visit a couple of spots before heading to our next destination. I thought […]

Pampa Kshetra(Hampi) – Day2 12

    We got up hurriedly in the morning, eager to explore Hampi.  We went to Mango Tree restaurant for breakfast. It is a treat of restaurant, with great interiors and continental dishes. Italian,Thai,Iran,Mexicani etc were some to mention.  Being a suburbs type of area it was avoided by Indian […]



Mangalore To Hampi via Agumbe 12

Read the full post here: It was 5.30 am in the morning and I was late. The journey to Hampi was supposed to start an hour ago. I rushed down the stairs ready to apologize to my husband for the delay( I had told him half an hour ago to […]

‘It Was My Last Day In The City…’ 3

At the crack of dawn, I turned on the car engine and drove out of my house gates. I hardly slept all night, packing can be stressful. The roads however, were too familiar. The car knew which way to go. I stopped near the bus stop. This is where I […]