The First Selfie 12

I come from a South Indian Bunt family and I am hopelessly in love with a North Indian Kshatriya Rajput. While everyone expects me to narrate another 2states love story, I am still trying to keep my heartbeat calm around him. We worked together for more than 15 months before […]



What’s on my plate? – New blog series 8

All those who know me would scoff at the title of this post. A few would mock and make jokes saying, “Oh! Sthuthi’s plate consists of – a morsel of rice, small quantities of vegetables “ For those who don’t know me, let me first clarify to you, that I […]

Shocked and Speechless 16

Well this morning, (Feb 23, 2017, Thursday, 11.00 am ) I just opened this new wanting to write about some of the exciting things happening in my life but I realized I am still recovering from the shock of all the latest events happening around me. While there are a […]



TMOD – Toastmaster of the day

Being the Toastmaster of the Day(TMOD) for a toastmasters meeting is one of the mot daunting tasks. However, it plays a very important role in improving your speaking skills because the entire meeting has to be handled smoothly. I follow a very simple trick whenever I take up this role. […]

Hopelessly in Love <3 3

On a regular evening when we decided to meet at a local mall food court, I didn’t think I would end up spending, that night , hours scribbling on my Journal. Well, What happened you ask? Nothing. Or maybe cupid shot another arrow and I fell in love with him […]