Re- Boot yourself – 2

Are you frustrated?
Do you lack ideas?
Is your mind cluttered with too many thoughts and emotions?

Fret no more here are few simple steps to Re- boot.

The other day I was so frustrated with my work that I just wished I could run away leaving it all behind.

Much later when I calmed down I was wondering if there could be a way when I could re boot myself instantly and get back to finishing my work. And then like an answer, (solid proof that the universe always presents answers to your questions provided you ask it correctly) I found this great book lying around on my table and within it was a great technique.


I didn’t have to wait till long to try it because it works perfectly and it worked like a charm 🙂

So next time you are frustrated and angry (works beautifully even when you are not frustrated) try this out. It’s elegant.

Step 1:

Set your alarm to ring after 10 minutes

Step 2:

Sit upright keeping your spine straight. Close your eyes. You can try this either cross legged or standing or sitting on a chair. But make sure your spine is upright 🙂

Step 3:

Clear your mind (read PS below). Concentrate on your breathing. When you inhale your abdomen should expand and when you exhale contract.

Step 4:

Concentrate more on the

Abdomen: During inhalation your abdomen should expand a little like a bow, as the lower part of the lungs fills with air. During exhalation abdomen is allowed to sink in again.

• Middle part of the chest : Inhale slowly inflating the sides, then contract by exhaling.


• Upper part of the chest or collar bones: Put your hands on each side of the clavicle (upper chest) touching it with fingers. Contract stomach slightly. Inhale slowly pushing clavicle upwards, then begin to exhale pushing it downwards.


Step 5:

Repeat several times. First abdomen, then chest then upper chest. See if you can to it all together. If not try separately. Each time focusing on each part and your breathing.

Step 6:

Repeat till you hear your alarm ringing.

Step 7:

Slowly open your eyes reach out to your alarm and turn it off.
And  BAM !!! 

You have nailed it 🙂 . Go back to your work. You have chased your frustration away. Your mind is now under your control.

Repeat this exercise every time you are frustrated :). Slowly you will chase that frustrated feeling forever and begin to wonder what it is like to be frustrated.

PS: This is also a great exercise to clear your mind. So if you are not able to do that in step 3 no problem. Carry on.

Try this right NOW and tell me how you feel in the comment section below 🙂

Source : The Complete Book of Yoga by Sri Ananda

Coming Soon Book Review – The Complete Book of Yoga by Sri Ananda

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