Re- Boot yourself – 1 4

Are you stressed out??

Have you lost focus?
Do you yell at others for no reason?
Does your head feel heavy?
Do u feel zero happiness within yourself?
If YES its certainly times to re – boot

Step 1 – Close

Close everything around you. Books,Music Player etc. Close you eyes , Shut your mind, and smile.

Step 2 – Analyse and write

Think why are you stressed out, the reasons for your unhappiness. Pull out a diary and write it down. Write down everything that comes to your mind. Positive and negative thoughts. Don’t hide anything. No one is going to read it except you.

Step 3 – Listen

Close your diary and listen. You could either listen to some soft music, or happy music whichever lightens your mood. Or you could just sit in silence and wait for your inner voice to talk. You could even open your dairy and read what you have written. You may stumble upon something interesting or get inspired.

Step 4 – Arrange

At this stage you will have a lot of things on your mind. Arrange your thoughts. You could even write them down. You will definitely know what to do next. Clear out your table, make space around you and sit down to begin your task.

Step 5 – Smile Again

Now you have the idea and confidence to start afresh. Smile broadly to yourself.

Step 6 – Make a promise

Make a promise to yourself that you will keep the newly found confidence intact within yourself. The newly found color in your life will never go away.
PS: If it does go back to step 1

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