What’s on my plate? – New blog series 8

All those who know me would scoff at the title of this post. A few would mock and make jokes saying, “Oh! Sthuthi’s plate consists of – a morsel of rice, small quantities of vegetables “

For those who don’t know me, let me first clarify to you, that I am not a Foodie and eating isn’t my hobby. Also, I like to show off my ability to stay thin. My taste buds too aren’t well developed 😐 (it’s not at all easy for me to identify the different spices and salts that go into a dish).

However, food is a fascinating topic to blog about and so the new blog series “What’s on my plate?”

I am not an expert (nor do I aim to be) an expert in food/restaurant recommendations, This series just brings together the diversity in food cultures (I hope the terms are right)  around the world, while I put my taste buds on test. 😛

Let’s begin 😀


I have had the hankering eat fish fry for the past 2 weeks. So I went yesterday to the famous fish restaurant in town to treat my taste buds. But the restaurant was closed 🙁 (Weekly off). So this morning I went over to the fish market along with my dad. And while I had the urge to update my Snap stories I decided to stay focused on choosing the fish. And so, today on my plate I had Ganji* with Silver fish curry and King(Anjal) fish fry.

Ganji – Boiled rice is eaten with the water in which it is cooked called Teli. This Teli is highly nutritious and my favorite.

Boiled rice and fish fry combination is highly famous here in Mangaluru and mouth watering. :O

The food is delicious not just in the pictures.

Do you like Anjal fish fry?

Have you ever eaten Ganji?

Do you love fish? (Like me :P)

Let me know in the comment section below 🙂

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