What’s on my plate? – Squids and Kingfish

My husband asked “What do you want as Valentine’s Day gift?”  I thought for a while and said I have one and only one wish – I want “Bondaas”(squid). He sighed in exasperation because he thought I am into one of my Drama moods(not his fault – he thought I meant Bonda ( which means Tender Coconut in Tulu).

And so, I ordered from the famous sea food restaurant in Mangalore – Machali .

Bondaas (Squid) ghee roast and of course the mandatory Anjal (King Fish) tawa masala

          WhatsApp Image 2018-02-18 at 10.23.05 AM                       WhatsApp Image 2018-02-18 at 10.23.10 AM

















It was extremely delicious, and my mouth is waters every time I look at this picture. Saurabh too enjoyed it although he said that the real squid is quite ugly to look at. It could be a good example of the words ” Never judge someone by their appearance”.

Have you ever tried Squids?
Do you know what is it called in Hindi?
(We have been trying to find the name)

Let me know in the comments section below


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