‘It Was My Last Day In The City…’ 3

At the crack of dawn, I turned on the car engine and drove out of my house gates. I hardly slept all night, packing can be stressful. The roads however, were too familiar. The car knew which way to go. I stopped near the bus stop. This is where I caught the school van (and then later the local bus to college) for past 25 years.Mangaluru

Pandu, the local vegetable vendor was just unloading baskets of fresh vegetables. He always picked the best vegetables for me.

The cobbler shop, where I got all my school shoes polished and college sandals mended was still closed.

The post office, where I posted my first handmade greeting card to my favorite cousin.

The Bank, which gave me my first ATM card. I drove on the roads that led me to my school, past the localities where my old friends lived. Most of them have moved out long back. The local buses, so familiar, I knew exactly which bus comes at what time.

The charmuri vendor, who knew I always order extra spicy. The exhibition ground – I never missed going to a single exhibition until it’s standards went down. Also, I never got company to sit on the Giant Wheel :/

The famous ice-cream parlour, the shopping complex, which had the status of a mall , a witness to all my shenanigans.

Ok, lets turn around…

The most favorite attraction of my city.. The Beaches. While I never really fancied getting into the waters, watching the waves , walking on the sand, the little crabs scampering around, pitying the star fish, cotton candy , horse ride, camel rides….

The city has grown with me. From one ice-cream parlour to many.. many charmuri stalls… availability of cotton candy any day, everywhere (it used to be available only at the exhibition), multiple food joints and restaurants and MALLS.

As I drive back home, I fall in love with my city, again. It isn’t the most happening city. In fact nothing much happens at all. It’s my home and will always be, irrespective of which city I move to.

Have you ever moved out of your city? What was your experience?

Let me know in the comment section below

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